How we work

At Ö'Spot, we do each grooming with love. We treat your animals as if they were ours. Our groomers are gentle and passionate.

Each animal has its own arrival and departure time.


Each groomer takes care of one dog at a time. There is therefore no drying or waiting in cages, which improves the final result, prevents the spread of diseases and viruses and reduces stress. You will be contacted when your dog is completed. We do not keep dogs all day since waiting in the living room is stressful for most dogs. 

In the meantime, your dog will be free in the grooming section of the store if he is alone, otherwise he will be attached to a hook on the wall. At no time will he be in contact with other animals.

The products we use are soft and of high quality. We always look for new products that will improve the condition of your pet's skin and coat. We have different treatments to offer you.

Everything, including tools and table, is disinfected between each grooming to prevent the spread of skin diseases or viruses. 

Nelly et Téa, les deux belles pouliches

Téa et Nelly



A shower is given to dogs that are too heavy for the bath. The dog will only have to climb a small step by himself to get in this shower. 


Newfoundland dogs, Saint Bernards, Great Pyrenees, Great Danes and other large dogs that can be difficult to groom at home are welcome.

Shedding Treatment

We offer this treatment to dogs at the time of shedding. You will recognize this period by the intense hair loss or you will notice that the hair is much denser near the skin. This density prevents the skin from breathing, which causes the hair change cycle to be difficult. We can give it a little help! 


The shedding treatment consists of a 30-60 minutes bath during which we clean the coat thoroughly and remove the shedding hair. The products we use are offered exclusively to groomers as several shampoos and equipment are required.  We have products from the renowned DogMa company!

Un make-over de complété! Ceci n’aurait

Tangled Dogs

Some dogs will show up with a coat that requires special care due to the knots and the fact that the hair is very tangled. Under such conditions, the work is more challenging and the success of the desired cut is compromised.

This is why it is important to brush your dog every day and everywhere. It is hard, long and painful for your pet to undergo intensive detangling due to several months of neglect in daily care. In addition, there is a risk of injury when the knots are stuck to the skin.

If it is impossible for us to make the desired cut, we will suggest the cut that best suits your pet before proceeding with the grooming. Our goal is to make grooming an activity that your pet will enjoy.


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Dog Grooming

We suggest one grooming per season (every 3 months) and à la carte services based on your needs. 

We determine the cost of grooming on site. Prices vary according to the size of the dog, the length and condition of the coat, and the desired cut.


The COMPLETE service includes:
  • Bath with shampoo and conditioner 
  • Complete drying
  • Stylized cut or grooming
  • Brushing / untangling
  • Ear hair removal as needed
  • Ear cleaning
  • Claw cutting
  • Under-paw shaving
  • Scarf and/or buckle(s)
  • Perfume
WARNING: If your pet has fleas, an amount of $20 plus taxes will be added to your bill in order to cover the cost of the decontamination of the premises, the flea-eliminating shampoo and the extra time of the groomer.

Juno est propre 🥰 belle fille! #ospotin


Did you know?

Ear hair removal is no longer recommended! Completely removing all the hair in the ear can cause infection and inflammation. Instead, we selectively remove dead hair, if necessary and when there is a risk of creating a plug in the ear. This way, the cutaneous microbiota is preserved.

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Nanuq qui fait la sieste pendant sa manu

Claw Clipping

Dog and cat claw trimming is offered without appointment at a cost of $10 plus taxes.



Small animals are also welcome! Rodents, birds, hedgehogs, ferrets etc. are done for $5 plus taxes.



Skunk Treatment

Has your dog been sprayed by a skunk? No problem. We offer the odor treatment service for only $10 extra to the complete grooming service.

If you are comfortable doing the treatment at home, we sell the products in our store.



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Cat Grooming and Claw Covers

The cat grooming service includes lion cut (as on the picture), ear cleaning, claw trimming, dry shampoo and a scarf.

We also offer claw covers for cats. We have a wide variety of colors available in bulk.


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