At Ö'Spot, we do each grooming with love. We treat your animals as if they were ours. Our groomers are gentle and passionate.


Each animal has its time of arrival to avoid too much noise and movement in the grooming area. The groomer does one dog at a time, so there is no caged drying, which improves the final result, prevents the bad odour of cages and reduces stress.


 We use soft products made with natural ingredients.



If your pet is marking or unable to socialize with other dogs, we have a designated area for them as well. Therefore, there will be no caging, even if your animal arrives in advance or leaves late.



We give a shower to dogs who are too heavy to bath, disabled or in pain. The dog will climb by himself on a small step to get in this shower.

Shedding treatment

We offer dog shedding treatment. This consists of a bath of about 30-50 minutes during which we deep clean the dog’s coat and remove the fur that is about to fall because of the shedding (caused by climate change). We now use the highly-renown-Dogma products! All their products are natural and adapted to suit your beloved companion’s needs.

This service will be offered to eligible dogs with undercoats (who lose their hair during shedding).


Matted dogs

Some dogs will arrive for their appointment with a fur condition that will limit the cut and/or length of the fur.


Unfortunately, mats are the cause. That's why it's important to brush your dog every day and everywhere.


It is difficult, long and painful for the dog to unravel 1 to 12 months of neglected fur. In addition, we risk injuring him if the mats are stuck to the skin.


If we cannot make the requested cut, we will suggest a style that best suits your pet.


We want grooming to become an activity your pet enjoys.

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© O'Spot inc.