The dog claws cut is available at 10$ +tax, walk-in.

Offered services

We offer grooming service for dogs. 

On reservation only! Call us to make an appointment.

Your dog is not comfortable at the grooming salon? He bites, grunts, yaps, shakes? We can help you!

Our groomers are currently in certification process to perform TCAP behavioral grooming with your dogs.

Here is the link that gives all the information on this subject:

If you have further questions, please contact us at 819-525-SPOT

Dog Services

We suggest a complete grooming each season (every 3 months). In the meantime, you can come for an 'à la carte' service.

The price of the full service will be discussed on site, once we have seen your dog. We must see the dog to determine it. The weight, the length of the coat and the desired cut will have to be taken into consideration.

 The full service includes:
·      -  Bath with quality shampoo and conditioner
·       - Stylized cut or mowing
·       - Brushing and disentangling
·       - Drying and brushing
·       - Ear plucking as needed (except for otitis)
·       - Ear cleaning
·       - Nail cutting
·       - Under paw shaving
·       - Genital hygiene
·       - Bandana and/or bow(s)
        - Perfume

'A la carte' services for dogs:
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail cut
  • Under paw shaving
  • Genital hygiene
$10 for one service and $5 for additional services (plus tax)

Shedding treatment

We offer dog shedding treatment. This consists of a bath of about 30-50 minutes, during which we deeply clean the coat and remove the shedding fur (caused by climate change). We now use the highly-renown-Dogma products! All their products are natural and adapted to suit your beloved companion’s needs.

This service will be offered to eligible dogs with undercoats (who lose their hair during shedding). This is offered at $ 15 plus tax.

SKUNK treatment

Your dog got sprayed by a skunk? No problem. We offer the odor treatment service for an extra $ 10.


If you are comfortable doing the treatment at home, we sell SOS Odor products. Come see us!


WARNING! If your pet has fleas, an amount of $ 20 will be added to your bill for the store disinfestation and the flea shampoo.

Cat grooming

Cat grooming services include lion cut, ear cleaning and claw cut. We also do a dry shampoo (with or without fragrance).

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