Drain anal glands, who's job is it?

December 4, 2017

Although the service is often seen as necessary and normal by some grooming salon, Ö'Spot will not propose this service, here is why.

What is it?

All dogs and cats have two anal glands located anatomically at 4 o'clock and 8 o'clock in the sphincter of the anus and they are emptied each by a small narrow channel on each side towards the anal opening. Secretions are normally liquid, brownish and foul-smelling. For a normal animal, when the stools pass into the anus, they grow on the anal glands which at the same time, empty, thus preventing the accumulation of too much secretions. The anal glands can also sometimes empty by reflex when the animal fears a situation or the opposite during big relaxation. These glands have no specific function for the general health of your companion, but only a personal identification mission of smell very specific to each subject. This smell can serve as a recognition between animals.


The symptoms of an animal that has a problem with its glands are that it licks the anus frequently or makes the sled (sits on the ground and moves forward with the front legs). The reason for this behavior is the possible buildup of fluid in her anal glands, this creates pressure and makes her uncomfortable. Small dogs are more likely to suffer from this problem, but cats and dogs of medium and large size may also have this problem.

Why does my pet have a problem with anal glands?


Sometimes problems with the anal glands can occur more easily with overweight individuals or when the animal has loose stools or diarrhea for some time. For these cases, it is therefore important to solve the basic problem so that the glands empty themselves again.

If the problem is not supported, what happens?

An anal gland can also become infected and at that moment an accumulation is formed in the enlarging gland and will risk creating an abscess that will end up next to the anus through the skin if the condition is not not take care of quickly enough.

Our recommendation


We recommend that you empty the anal glands by a veterinarian (by internal manipulation). In addition to ensuring an effective emptying, he will be able to evaluate if there is a beginning of infection. The groomers manipulations are done externally, we can relieve the animal while waiting for your appointement at the vet.

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